DAGMAR advertising model

DAGMAR model was proposed by Russel H. Colley in 1961 as important to the development of specified advertising goals and measuring adverticing effectiveness. ACCA formula is a part of DAGMAR advertising model.

DAGMAR also describes characteristics of good objectives:
  • Concrete and measurable
  • Target audience
  • Benchmark and degree of change sought
  • Specified time period
  • Written Goal

  • DAGMAR Advertising

  • The groups "Target Audience 0..3" and "Customers" are subcategories of the whole target audience

  • People migrate from subcategory to subcategory through the mental steps shown as rectangles

  • Advertising stimulates these migrations

  • Advertising goals are different depend on the subcategory

  • The bigger migration the better results. Finding and improvement of weak links is the most effective way to improve the campaign in whole

  • Customers also are a target audience as satisfied customers may buy the product again

  • Printed Source:

    Dagmar: Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results