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AIDA formula
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AIDA Formula

It isn't one more article "How to get more traffic".
Now focus on what do next, after someone enters your site.

  • How to increase the stickiness of your site, don't let visitor go ?
  • How to increase such factors as CTR, eCPM, leads per visit etc ?
  • How to turn your visitors into customers ?

  • There's old but effective method --

    AIDA Sales Formula

    Why old? Because it works. Because it's time tested.
    Nowadays it's web merchandising applicable.

    AIDA means:

    A = Attention
    I = Interest
    D = Desire
    A = Action

    1st step (A) is to grab visitor's attention. People who really need the information/good/sevice your site offers may however leave it before they realize it, as their attention hasn't been attracted. In other words do something that make them stop surfing and start to read your site.

    2nd step (I). Once you have the visitor's attention, you need to develop his interest. Provide visitors with information about what you offer; (sometimes the 2nd step in the AIDA formula is called "information" instead of "interest"). But take in account two very important things:
    a) this part should not be too long, don't overload reader with information
    b) focus on visitor, not on the product. Product features are very important, but people buy the benefits the product gives, not the features of the product.

    3rd step(D). Desire. People rather buy the positive emotions some product gives than just the product. So on 3rd step visitor's emotions and feellings are more important than logical reasons to buy. If reader feels like happy owner of the the product the aim is achieved: reader wants the product.

    4th step(A). Persuade visitor to act. Make his action you need as comfortable as possible. And most important: make visitor to decide that the best time is now. If prior step was successfull visitor wants the product. So the goal of this step is help visitor's desire to kill his hesitance. Right now.

    Well, it sounds good. It's easy to say, but how to DO it? For sure, there isni't a "plaster for all sores", but some suggestions are here:

  • Attention: how to
  • Interest: how to
  • Desire: how to
  • Action: how to

  • AIDA Formula modifications

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