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Kent - Rosanoff Word List

The 1st edition of Kent-Rosanoff Word List was published in the beginning of XX century. This list was used in the method of psychology testing known as Free Association Test. Some experts recommend to include the words from this list into headlines as these words are most productive generators of psychological association. Here is one of advertising-adapted editions of Kent-Rosanoff list:
table dark music sickness man deep
soft eating mountain house black mutton
comfort hand short fruit butterfly smooth
command chair sweet whistle woman cold
slow wish river white beautiful window
rough citizen foot spider needle red
sleep anger carpet girl high working
sour earth trouble soldier cabbage hard
eagle stomach stem lamp dream yellow
bread justice boy light health bible
memory sheep bath free cottage swift
blue hungry priest ocean head stove
long religion whiskey child bitter hammer
thirsty city square butter doctor loud
thief lion joy bed heavy tobacco
baby moon scissors quiet green salt
street king cheese blossom afraid gold

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