There are many merchandising methods that increase the profit your site makes. "Advertising Formulas" is a subcategory of these methods. Some people think that Advertising Formulas and Theories are fine words only. Sure, these theories are not a magic stick that turns your website into gold mine at once :) But no doubts that there's a rational kernel in these theories. They really work. The core of the formulas is that before the acceptance of a product by a prospect, there is a series of mental steps which the prospect goes through. The Advertising Formula is a way to increase the percentage of the visitors who go through these steps and buy the product you offer.

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Advertising formulas in the context of web merchandising

The Classic: AIDA Formula

AIDA acronym of the mental steps mentioned above:
Attention > Interest > Desire > Action
AIDA Formula Details

Subsequent Advertising Formulas and Methods

Some others modern formulas actually are descendants of the AIDA:


acronym: Attention Comprehension Convection Action


Acquire Attention. Fanfare tribe an Advantage. Prove it. Persuade prospect to grasp this advantage. Direct for action.


is a next step in evolution of advertising methods; ACCA is a part of it.
acronym: Defining Advertising Goals - Measuring Advertising Results

Advertising Formulas as a part of marketing strategy

Advertising formulas are an "Action-Oriented Methods". They work well if you need to persuade your visitor to do smth., for example to buy a product or subscribe for newsletter. But they are not effective for long-term advertising like brend promotion or demand stimulation. The-long term advertising is not a subject of this site. You can read more about it from such sources as:
  • Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind, 20th Anniversary Edition
  • "Weak" and "Strong" Advertising Strategies
  • and other

    Advertising Books:

    aida formula This book is carefully structured to follow the basic sequence of tasks with which a planner is concerned. There are chapters on formulating the core strategy, how to tranform that strategy into an inspiring brief, evaluating the effectiveness of advertising and the broader influence of planning. How to Plan Advertising is a clear, informative and entertaining book, written for anyone who is interested in the way in which advertising is developed in agencies. It provides a foundation of knowledge for those embarking upon a career in advertising, and is an essential reference for all students of business and marketing.

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